New Facebook Application Directory Goes Live

Along with the new application pages which were rolled out this morning, Facebook has also pushed the new application directory live. The new directory provides a much needed improvement over the previous version. I’ve spent the past few minutes browsing around and what I found most interesting is the feed of application activity among your friends which is now displayed within the directory.

This will make it easier for users to find the applications that their friends are playing as well. There are some features that some developers won’t be so happy about though. Rather than displaying new applications now, Facebook has decided to split applications up by two groups: “featured applications” and “applications you may like”. Applications you may like appear to be organized based on the ratings that users have provided.

Want to find the most recent additions to the application directory? As far as I can tell, that’s not possible anymore. Instead you will need to increase your popularity through existing distribution channels such as the upgrade application about page, news feed stories, notifications, and email messages. So how do you get into the “featured applications” area? Facebook doesn’t explicitly state that but a large portion of the ones I’ve viewed happen to be fbFund participants.

I’ll be reaching out to Facebook to get some clarification about the new structure of the application directory. Also of interest is that Facebook has switched the categories to seven new ones: Business & Finance, Education & Philanthropy, Games, Lifestyle, Media & Entertainment, Sports, and Utilities. We’ll reach out to Facebook shortly to find out if there are any other ways for discovering newer applications.

Go check out the upgrade application directory and let us know your thoughts in the comments! I’ve also included a copy of the video Facebook posted to their blog post about the recent update. It’s essentially a commercial for applications.

Facebook got back in touch with us and we have a few updates. First of all, new applications are accessible on a category basis. If you view each category (not just “All Applications” as I was viewing), you can view newly listed applications. All of importance is that Facebook will work with developers who have a large number of fans on external fan pages to migrate them to application profiles. That way developers won’t be forced to manage two separate pages.

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