New Facebook admin panel highlights reach and pushes Promoted Posts

insightsFacebook is testing an update to the page admin panel, which gives more prominence to reach metrics for recent posts and encourages page owners to promote those posts to increase their audience.

Some users are seeing a “Posts” section at the top of pages they have admin rights to, replacing the “Notifications” section, which included recent comments, wall posts and other fan activity. The new section shows the organic and paid reach of each recent post, along with an option to promote the post. Notifications are available from the top menu.


This change is in line with Facebook’s increasing emphasis on getting marketers to consider a strategy for the social network that includes paid media. Earlier this month, the company created additional requirements for Preferred Marketing Developers to join the program and earn badges. Developers who apply will have to be referred by either a Facebook employee or a PMD with an ads badge. Pages PMDs must be able to implement basic page and post insights along with the ability to boost page posts with paid media. Apps PMDs must demonstrate support with Facebook media and be able to provide clients with advanced app insights reporting. Insights PMDs will need to be able to offer ads insights if requested by clients.

However, page owners could find the admin panel change to be frustrating, since it is now more difficult to see notifications about the latest activity on their page. Many people also resent Facebook’s push to get page owners spending money on the platform.

Here’s a look at the original admin panel, which is still appearing for most page owners:


Thanks to Stuart Jordan for the tip and screenshot.