New Defensio Software Protects You On Facebook

Websense, has launched Defensio 2.0, a new security suite for the Web. Defensio’s killer feature is its ability to protect Facebook users from malware being posted onto their facebook profiles. The software has a host of security various features like URL category blocking, profanity filtering, exe file blocking, and script blocking. Facebook users can now finally decide what content should appear on their profiles and fan pages.

Defensio works as a Facebook application and asks you to give the software access to your profile in order to block malicious content from appearing on your profile and spreading onwards. Once you are signed up, you can customize your settings by going to the Account Management page. The URL blocking is categorized into several sections, such as Security (allows you to block hacking, phishing and spyware links), Legal Liabilities (allows you to block adult material, and gambling links etc), and so on. Similar to blog comment spam filters you could specify additional keywords to be filtered out. Additionally, you can use the exe file blocker and the script blocker to prevent exe files and scripts from appearing on your wall.

Although the service is the first of its kind, and is really well executed, the pricing is a real bummer for me. The very basic package starts at $5/month for less than 100,000 comments (or wall posts). Clearly, this is their offering for the personal user class. For 100,000 to 300,000 comments the company is charging $15/month which goes on to $50/month for more than 300,000 comments.

ReadWriteWeb thinks that the company could practically charge anything they want since no one else is offering something similar. However, I am only willing to use the service if it would be offered for free for personal use. Websense can always charge people for using Defensio on fan pages, which is where the real money lies as businesses from mom-and-pop stores to multi-national companies use fan pages for marketing and promotions. By offering a profile version free of charge Defensio has a real chance of acquiring millions of users in a short span of time.

Sign up for a free trial here, if you are interested in testing the nuts and bolts of the service.