New Data on Facebook Apps for International Markets

international apps on facebookMany developers have been asking whether they should develop for international markets now or wait for Facebook to release its crowd-sourced translation tools for applications. New data is available tonight on applications developed in other languages.

  • In total, there are 527 apps currently listing a language other than English as their primary language. That’s about 1.7% of the 30,000 Facebook apps currently in the directory.
  • The most popular apps in languages other than English are Sexo Quizz (French), with 25,000 daily active users, Horoscope (French), with 18,000 daily active users, and Tarot Gratis (Spanish), with 13,000 daily active users.
  • Spanish is by far the language with the most apps developed at 330. Next comes French at 134. Trailing far behind are German (11), Italian (9), Japanese (7), Danish (6), and Finnish (6). Less than 5 apps have been developed in Chinese, Catalan, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Korean.

Developers keeping track of Facebook’s user counts in international markets will note that there remain tremendous opportunities for local developers in languages with huge user populations on Facebook.

And as a final note, in addition to adding a language filter to the application directory, Facebook also removed application counts from the directory. Now, you’ll need a third party service to count.