New Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Use Facebook

Reverend Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in New Jersey has concluded that Facebook is a sin leading to adultery. He wants 50 married officials in the congregation to delete their accounts or resign.

A New Jersey preacher has told his 1,100 member flock that using Facebook is a sin, and has asked 50 married officials of his church to delete their accounts or resign.

Reverend Cedric Miller apparently thinks that 20 married couples in his Living Word Christian Fellowship Church are a representative sample, leading him to conclude that Facebook leads to adultery. The pairs all had problems after exes found one of the spouses on the social network.

The reverend had previously asked married couples in his congregation to share their login information with spouses. Now he wants them to just stop using Facebook, according to the Associated Press.

Of course the marital troubles he’s heard about while counseling the 20 married couples have nothing to do with the fact that the reverend’s previous edict led to the spouses being able to see things that inspired jealousy. The jealous feelings might not have been experienced in the first place if logons weren’t shared.

Out of the generosity of his own heart, the reverend’s going to get rid of his own Facebook account, so he can set a good example for his congregation. During his Sunday sermon, he’s going to ask them to also stop using the social network.

Of course the reverend has only used the social network to stay touch with his children, and has no marital problems of his own. He has also used Facebook to plan bible study groups. Surely none of his exes — if he even has any — found him online that way! Did the reverend share his information with his spouse?

We might never know the answer to that because apparently the good reverend has already deleted his Facebook account, or at least made his profile private.

Update: NBC in New York reports that the pastor has admitted to having an affair. Make that a three-way relationship with his wife and a young male church assistant! Better late than never to tone down the rhetoric, which Miller seems to have planned for this Sunday’s speech:

“The advice will go to the entire church,” he said. “They’ll hear what I’m asking of my church leadership. I won’t mandate it for the entire congregation, but I hope people will follow my advice.”

Readers, have you experienced any relationship difficulties due to jealousy related to Facebook usage?