New Archos color eReader & Low-priced Android Tablet Brand (Arnova)

Archos introduced both a new color eReader device and a new brand line for low-end Android tablets according to this report by PC World.
Archos Launches Color E-reader, Android Tablet for €129
The eReader 7ob might be a follow-up to their current color eReader. You can see a photo of the current Archos 70 eReader device in the photo to the left.
Archos 70 eReader
The 7ob, at $179, is priced higher than the black and white Amazon Kindle but is significantly less expenensive than Barnes & Noble’s Android based color Nook.
Archos is also preparing to launch a new brand line name Arnova. The first product branded with this name will be a $179 8-inch Android tablet with a resistive (vs. capacitive display found in most current touch smartphones and the iPad).
Archos devices have typically been difficult to find and purchase in the U.S. on their initial release. So, you may have a hard time finding either of devices until 6 months to a year after their release.