New Amazon iPad Shopping App: Windowshop -Visual Overload?

Amazon released an additional iPad-only shopping app this week.

Amazon Windowshop

It exists in parallel with the older app for the iPhone and iPad and offers a different shopping view. One of the first things I noticed about Windowshop is that it only works in landscape mode. This not a problem. But, it is noticable since I usually hold my iPad in portrait view. The older app works in either orientation. The second thing I noticed is that it doesn’t provide immediate access to Amazon’s “Lightning Deal”. Windowshop throws you into a grid view of products that is almost visually overwhelming. I hope Amazon keeps the older app around. I think the two Amazon shopping apps appeals to different categories of people. And, I’m in the category that prefers the older less visually busy approach.

Via TechCrunch: Amazon Launches Brand New iPad Shopping App Called Windowshop