Never Worry About Someone Stealing Your Egg Salad Sandwich Again

We found this hilarious new product by way of Charmian Christie’s blog (the link for which she uploaded on her Facebook account). This product, the anti-theft sandwich bag, is for anyone who has had their lunch stolen from the lunchroom refrigerator. So ingeniously simple, this writer is surprised this product hasn’t shown up earlier. It’s the stuff of Saturday Night Live skits and at least part of The Office. We see a couple of problems though. This invention is bound to become so well-known that potential thieves will shake a sandwich bag to ensure that contents aren’t actually moldy. The truly thrifty will find cheap bags at the supermarket and draw on their own “mold” marks with markers. In any event, this is a great gag gift for a friend who lands a full-time job now. Just don’t have anything in your mouth when you give this to your pal, ok? You really don’t want to laugh out loud.