NeuroCam Brianscanner and iPhone App Can Tell if You’re Interested

Neurocam is a new app and prototype camera for iPhones, but it does more than take photos – the camera and app is an EEG sensor and data recorder capable of telling advertisers if you are ‘interested’ or not. Think of it as a brain activity monitor, except instead of being developed by doctors, it was made by and for the advertising industry.

Made by Japanese advertising titan, Dentsu, the Neurocam and app records and stores EEG data in values between 1 and 100 – with a value of 60 as a sign of interest. The app uses this value to record these moments of interests in GIFS, and stores it in the app’s database like a video library of your moments.

How can this data be used? In this video from Diginfonews, Kana Nakano of Dentsu’s ScienceJam explains:

As an application in a B2B environment, Neurocam could determine what goods in stores interest people. And because the information includes position data, you can do mapping, so it could also show what places people are interested in as an aid for urban development planning. We think it could be used in lots of ways like that.