What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About NetVibes

netvibes_white_largeNetvibes was founded in 2005, pioneering the dashboard concept of managing and monitoring activities across the real-time Web. Netvibes’ two-in-one real-time feed reader – with both widget and reader views – accesses all apps activities, widgets and feeds in one place and can also be used on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android. For most users, it’s free.

After the jump – what you need to know about Netvibes.

The application in a sentence

Netvibes is a personalized dashboard helping millions daily to monitor, personalize and publish all aspects of their daily digital lives.

How the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Monitor: Netvibes dashboards monitor – in real time and on one page – brand conversations, e-reputations, customer conversations, media coverage, competitors and industry news. It keeps brand marketers up to date on hundreds of blogs, news sites and Twitter feeds at once, while saving hours every day compared to manually searching the Web. Different tabs, pages and dashboards can be created to track different trending topics, competitors, clients, etc.
  • Analyze: Netvibes offers a large collection of third party analytics widgets, such as SugarCRM, Alexa, Quantcast and Chartbeat. This makes it easy not only to monitor brands, but also get a live analysis on what’s being said.
  • Engage: Netvibes dashboards can be published publicly to create product microsites and community portals. Many agencies and brands like Razorfish, ARF and Ogilvy PR use Netvibes to set up automatically updating, curated content that shares their expertise with the community. Users who like a community startpage can personalize it by adding more content widgets.
  • Publish: With drag-and-drop interface, flexible design options and professional templates, Netvibes lets marketing teams create brand dashboards in minutes with no programming. Push publishing features ensure that all changes are pushed live to users, who have the option of keeping which changes they like most.
  • Social: Netvibes features MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and chat widgets. Drag-and-follow Twitter widgets let marketers instantly track new topics by dragging conversations out to create new widgets to follow that trend. Moreover, marketing teams can star and share conversations and articles live on their team dashboard.

Coolest feature

With “One Click Dashboards,” users type in a topic keyword and Netvibes creates a fully featured dashboard to track everything about that topic in real-time.

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User profile

Netvibes dashboards are for those interested in keeping up with their favorite topic, be it a brand, a business department or a sports franchise. It’s especially relevant for social media and brand marketers.

For agencies, Netvibes Premium Dashboards offer a way for entire teams to share group dashboards internally or with clients, as well as for creating product microsites and community portals to engage large communities.

Netvibes for Enterprise delivers secure, scalable personal workspaces, company intranets and industry monitoring dashboards that can be tailored by department for corporate knowledge sharing.


Netvibes.com is free for all users, with no advertising – or even a logo – on users’ dashboards.

Netvibes Premium Dashboards and Netvibes for Enterprises are competitively priced, states the company. Netvibes dashboards are also often viewed as a value-added service for social media marketers and agencies to monetize and offer to brand clients.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Existing social media analytics tools only offer a bird’s eye view, while traditional search and feed readers demand hours of manual surfing to stay up to date. Only Netvibes brings it all together – all the tweets, conversations and feeds, plus the third-party analytics tools – all on one page that’s updated live. It’s the ultimate social media dashboard for the real-time Web.”

With an ever-increasing number of social media marketing options, brands and agencies are searching for solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. This series reports on significant product releases and updates to assist in selecting the most appropriate tools to boost your social marketing efforts. We recently presented Involver AMP, another social marketing dashboard.