Netvibes Enters the Facebook World

In the web startpage niche, Netvibes is among the pioneers in the market. And when web widgets became popular, Netvibes was also among those who join the bandwagon and have been offering personalized widgets. But then again, web startpage platforms were never really given too much publicity and hype despite being one important aspect of the web 2.0 world as compared to social networking sites. It is no wonder that Netvibes decided to join the social networking bandwagon by partnering up with who else, but the second most popular social network – Facebook.

Although, Netvibes’ Widgets are already the fifth most popular desktop widget on Facebook which allows Facebook members to access their Netvibes personalized startpage on Facebook as well as their Facebook profiles on the desktop, this new partnership is more of a full integration.

Netvibes is joining the Facebook Connect which would enable you to:

  • login to Netvibes using your Facebook ID,
  • integrate your Netvibes activity feeds into Facebook,
  • share and comment on your rich media content, articles, widgets and news

Actually this will be the first time that a startpage service will be fully integrated into the Facebook Connect.

If you are a Facebook member but doesn’t have a Netvibes account, this may be the right time to create your account now. As this new partnership will let you quickly share widgets, photos, videos and news with your friends across the Facebook platform. Netvibes has tons of widgets coming from partner sites such as full-leng CSI:NY episodes to official content from EMI, New York Times and USA Today.