Netflix’s Immersive Stranger Things Snapchat Lens Transports You to Joyce Byers’ Eerie Living Room

Campaign also overlays nosebleeds on selfies

Sources: Netflix
Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Want to visit Joyce Byers’ creepy living room? Just open Snapchat.

To promote the second season of the sci-fi hit Stranger Things, Netflix created a sponsored world lens within the app that takes users inside the show’s eerie world.

Using the app’s rear-facing camera, consumers can tap on the screen to play around with the lens. According to Snapchat, the campaign is the first use of a “portal” lens that puts consumers in the middle of an augmented reality experience. For example, tapping the bookshelf in the room causes books to fall. Touching the hole in the wall causes a scary arm to pop out and the string of lights turn on when tapped.

Like other Snapchat lens campaigns, Netflix’s ad is only live for one day and is running in countries including the U.S. and Canada.

Netflix is using Snapchat’s QR-code like Snapcodes to drive people to the experience. Once someone scans the Snapcode, a virtual door appears in front of them leading to the living room that they can walk into. There’s a tie-in with sound-recognition service Shazam, too. When Snapchat is open, it detects when the Stranger Things theme song is playing and pulls up the AR experience.

In addition to the World Lens, Netflix also created a lens that gives users a nosebleed during selfies, like the ones the show’s character Eleven suffers.

The Snapchat campaign is only one part of Netflix’s elaborate marketing push for the second season of Stranger Things. The company also partnered with Lyft to give ride-share users immersive rides and also deployed pedicabs around New York with drivers that look like the character Dustin.

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