Need Google Redux?

Hello friends of Google!!! I now you all “like??? fresh and stylish Google design and I think that designers from Google are working very hard to give us such nice looking search engine.

But, if there are no ideas from Google, the place isn’t staying empty for very long. There are some people who are thinking that maybe the better way is to change something in Google design. One of the greatest Google redux is made by Andy Rutledge his portfolio you can see here. Hi is giving also wide review about what are the reasons why he made this Google redesign and what are the principles of every change he made.


What Google does not do well is apply design appropriately to its search engine interface. Other online application interfaces from Google are often done rather well, or at least not too badly. The search engine page, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Mind you, we’re talking about the most successful search tool on the Web. But it is no stretch to observe that the design of this page is pretty bad.

He is showing also the biggest mistakes of Google and are fixing them in his Google Redux.

Here is Google’s current search interface. It works fairly well because it is quite simple and to-the-point. But there are a few ill-conceived ideas in the layout and poorly placed elements on the page.

The placement of these elements makes for diminished usability and a fairly unintuitive experience. They appear to be placed as afterthoughts, with no reference to how this page should be used, who might be using it and how elements should be grouped.

Google Redux Scripts

And now the better part – you can have those Google redesigns and use them every day! What you need is only some Firefox scripts and that’s it!


First of Google redux scripts is made by Tristan Dunn – Google Redux Greasemonkey Script
This script use the same Google redux what I wrote before but in this case makes it usable. It is working well and may be very nice thing to change casual Google visiting.


Google Dark redux script – this is something completely different from previous redux, firs I thought that it is too dark, but then realized it isn’t so bad and can be used without any discomfort and works also great.

So I found only few scripts but I think there is more and it is really nice sometimes to change things to make them look different and have something maybe more esthetic looking. Yes, just for fun!

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