NBC Gets Real–More Reality, More Game Shows


NBC’s cost cutting strategies include more game shows and reality programming, according to Bob Wright in the LA Times. Scripted shows, like Studio 60, which costs $2.7 million an episode and delivered half the audience as Heroes,(which costs about the same, but is produced by another arm of the empire, NBC Universal Television Studio) don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

Times writers Maria Elena Fernandez and Meg James bring up a juicy if unsourced point:

Some NBC Universal executives privately regard the company’s restructuring plan–dubbed NBCU 2.0–as an effort by Zucker to lay out a forward-looking plan that will impress GE, whose chief executive, Jeffrey Immelt, is weighing who will eventually succeed 63-year-old Wright. Zucker, the former Today executive producer, soared up the corporate ladder, but during his tenure NBC’s prime-time fortunes have plummeted.

Variety reports that:

But even as primetime has struggled, NBC News shows like Nightly News and Today have stayed dominant, leaving news employees wondering why they should shoulder the pain.

Maybe the ritual sacrifice of Tucker Carlson will ease their pain.

FBLA fails to understand why innocent NBC staffers pay the price for the higher-up’s lousy choiceswho signed off on those?