Navigon MobileNavigator 1.5 for iPhone Arriving Soon: More In-App Purchase Options Plus Social Shinyness

Yesterday, I noted…

Navigon MobileNavigator for Windows Phones: Quick First Impressions

It first made its phone splash (to me in any case) when it became the first turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone last year. The current version in the iTunes App Store is version 1.4…

MobileNavigator North America

However, MacWorld has the details on the upcoming 1.5 upgrade…

MobileNavigator 1.5.0 adds personalized routes, social networking integration

The three new features in 1.5 are:

1. In-App Social Media: Post position to Twitter or Facebook
2. MyRoutes: Customized routes based on your driving habits
3. Panorama 3D: $10 additional fee for extra geek-shinyness

Version 1.4 is on sale in the App Store for $69.99 until February 15. The price pops back up to $89.99 after that. The 1.5 update will be free for current 1.4 owners.

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