NativeX announces new mobile ad SDK with revenue increase guarantee


Mobile advertising network NativeX has released its newest SDK, NativeX SDK 5.0, which includes new reward and ad formats. When using this SDK, NativeX is guaranteeing mobile game in-app revenue will increase by at least 30 percent after the first 30 days, or the company will pay developers $30,000.

The NativeX SDK 5.0 offers support for HD video ads, expandable icons, customized rich media ads (including animation or even mini-games) and three sizes of interstitial ads, all in a single package. The technology has been designed to allow developers to rapidly integrate different ads, so companies can experiment with both ad placements and formats to find what works best for them.

“We started with a hypothesis several months ago that mobile advertising was broken because of poor design quality and that we as an industry could create more interesting ads,” said Robert Weber, co-founder and senior vice president of business development at NativeX.

“We believe that NativeX is well on the way to changing the industry with native advertising that blends science and craftsmanship. We are confident that our technology will continue to dramatically outperform the competition, and our revenue guarantee is proof of that.”

During beta testing, NativeX saw increases in ad-based revenue of at least 50 percent, with some developers seeing increases as high as 600 percent.

More information on NativeX’s mobile advertising network can be found on the company’s website.