10 Little Known Facts About Nashville Facebook Users

Just off Interstate 40 holds a Tennessee treasure, the city of Nashville and its bright skyline. The city is considered the Athens of the South with its vast variety of different college programs. The city put country music on the map, and continues to be a staple for great music in general. The arrival of the Tennessee Titans, originally known as the Oilers, brought NFL pride to the city . From the southern hospitality to the awesome performances at places like the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville has a lot to offer. We have researched the city’s Facebook users, and you can check out the findings below!


Nashville has 1,103,480 Facebook users in its metropolitan area. With 602,420 women using the site, women have 8% more site users in the city in comparison to males.


As mentioned before, Nashville’s large amount of colleges has earned it the nickname of the Athens of the South. Some of the larger schools in the area include Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt University, and Belmont University. Both Tennessee State and Vanderbilt have about 12,000 grads residing in the Nashville area on Facebook. Tennessee State has the largest number of currently enrolled students with around 3,7000 profiles. Are you a Tigers or Commodores fan?

Belmont University has about 3,460 students earning degrees at its school. The college has about 8, 600 graduates still residing in its area out of the 17,000 in the US. Trivia fact of the day: musician Brad Paisley is a Belmont alumni.

Another school in the area, Aquinas College, is a private Catholic university. Aquinas has about 1,600 graduates in the United States. About 70% of those graduates still reside in the Nashville area.


Who didn’t love the movie The Green Mile? The Tennessee State Prison located just outside of Nashville was used to film a portion of the movie. The Green Mile has about 3,500 fans on Facebook in the area.


Hometown Rapper Young Buck nicked named the city Cashville and has about 5,000 fans from the city. Hometown pop star Miley Cyrus has about 8,000 fans on Nashville. I guess it is more of a country music town after all?

Speaking of country music, about 4 percent of Nashville’s Facebook users are fans of the genre. It was in fact a good location for Country Music Television. The Country Music Hall of Fame has about 1,180 fans in its hometown.

Another star that made Nashville his adopted home for a portion of time in his career was Johnny Cash. Mr. Cash has about 12,500 fans in Nashville on the site.


Nashville seems to be the hometown team of choice on Facebook. The Titans have almost 21,000 hometown fans. With six playoff appearances since the team changed their name from the Oilers, the team has earned its hometown pride.

Nashville’s professional hockey team, the Predators, have about 2,700 fans. Sorry to hear about that playoff run last season. There just wasn’t a way to stop those Chicago Blackhawks.


Nashville is a continually growing city with a rich history to offer. From Music Row to the excellent colleges and universities, the city’s Facebook users express their hometown pride well.