Nanigans Ad Engine optimizes for mobile app users with highest lifetime value

Facebook ad company Nanigans today announced a new solution for developers to optimize their mobile app install ads to acquire the most profitable customers and generate higher ROI than on other ad networks.

Nanigans says it considers in-app purchase revenue to maximize the lifetime return on a developer’s ad spend, instead of simply maximizing installs or clicks. Then it uses predictive algorithms and automated bidding and ad management to focus on customers who will generate the most revenue for the best price.

Nanigans pointed to a case study from a mobile gaming company that used Nanigans platform to run Facebook mobile app install ads to generate a 49 percent return on ad spend after three days — compared to seven days on other mobile ad networks. After seven days with Nanigans, the advertiser had generated 78 percent return on ad  spend, and after two weeks the advertiser had already nearly broken even with 91.9 percent ROI.

By measuring and optimizing ad spend for metrics further down the funnel, such as in-app engagement and purchase revenue, platforms like Nanigans make Facebook a more valuable advertising channel.

Developers who use Nanigans’ platform to improve their ROI need to add a code snippet to their app, which will measure in-app events that the software can then optimize for. Nanigans also gathers information about the type of users who monetize best and then seeks out new audiences with similar attributes.

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