Nakedshelf Launches Social News App on iOS, Android

The Nakedshelf News app allows users to follow others and chat about the stories they discover or share.

London-based startup Nakedshelf has launched its news app on iOS and Android, which encourages conversation about the news articles users read and share.

The Nakedshelf News app allows users to customize their news feed with their favorite sources, chosen by country or topic, or imported from Feedly.

As part of the app’s social functionality, users can follow others and add these friends or strangers as additional news sources, with users able to share interesting stories with their followers as they read. By default, profiles also offer public reading histories, but users can switch their profile to ‘private’ to limit visibility to their contacts.


News articles are marked with hashtags to make finding additional relevant stories easier, and users can tap on each news source, or shelf, within the app to view or search for additional articles from the same source.

After reading a story, users can comment on the article at the bottom of the page and chat about it with their followers. Articles can also be pushed out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

In a statement, Nakedshelf co-founder Abdul Hamid commented:

The future of news will come from other people, and we will increasingly rely on recommendations and smarter social cues from friends or respected strangers as we sort through the vast amount of information available online. Nakedshelf is an amazingly simple way of meeting that shift.

Nakedshelf News is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.