Myst for iPhone Checks in from 1993 at 727MB

Screenshot courtesy of Cyan Worlds

Remember Myst from the mid-1990s? I think I bought a copy but never really played much with it. It was a kind of exploration puzzle game that was unlike anything else at the time with the richest graphical game interface most of us had seen at the time. 9to5Mac’s blog title…

Myst now in the App Store, 730Mb Download

…caught my attention and I went to the App Store to get more information about this $5.99 iPhone app port. FYI: Its description notes you need 1.5GB of free space to install the 727MB game. The 17 reviews there so far give it an 5-star average rating (16 reviewers gave it 5 stars and 1 gave it 4 stars). I guess Myst fans are still out there and enjoying this 21st century port to the iPhone and iPod touch.