MySpace Adds Facebook To Homepage Login, Doesn't Work

The Facebook Connect icon has shown up on MySpace today, but appearances can be deceiving. It doesn't work yet.

New MySpace LogoThe familiar-looking “login with Facebook” button has finally appeared on the signup page for MySpace, but we’re having the same kind of experience that InsideFacebook has reported. It doesn’t appear to work yet.

The icon is there, all right. Click on it, and a popup window opens. The next click froze my computer the first time I tried it. On every subsequent try, that window simply evaporated. That was how it worked when I tried it in Firefox. Then I tried Chrome, and the popup window evaporated before I could even click on anything.

Internet Explorer fared even worse: As soon as I clicked the “signup” tab, I got an error message warning me about compromised security, and once I clicked “okay,” bye-bye, browser window.

I don’t have Safari, so I’ll have to take Inside Facebook’s word about that particular browser not working — and look for reader comments below about first-hand experiences.

So the click that didn’t work should have activated the Facebook Connect application programming interface. Apparently this tease of a button has been a long time coming and you could call it late. It ought to have become available the same day that MySpace announced its redesign, or perhaps in August when the site was supposed to begin allowing users to syndicate their status updates to Facebook.

If you can’t even Connect, how can you syndicate an update to Facebook from MySpace? Wait, let me click that second button again.

Readers, have you been able to use Facebook Connect on MySpace? What have your experiences been so far? Do you even use MySpace?