MySpace Wins Fight Against Spammer

Last night at precisely 11:30 PM EST, some computer was triggered somewhere in the world that began bombarding my site with spam emails. Within 30 minutes I had received over 3,000 spam emails. I was able to devise a system to block the spam but the bottom line is that spam is a serious problem for many of us, especially if you are a MySpace user.

When was the last time you received a friend invite from an attractive lady friend who really just wanted you to check out her cam site? It happens to all of us that are on the site and it was one of the primary reasons that many users ended up leaving the site. Well, according to, one of the spammers, Sanford Wallace was ordered to turn over documents to the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California and failed to do so.

So it appears that the judgment against Wallace is simply a statement but there has been no monetary judgment as of yet. Wallace is never far from the hot seat though as he lost a number of previous suits and in one instance was “ordered by a federal court to turn over $4,089,500.” From the sounds of things it appears that Wallace is still running from the law. I’m not quite sure how Wallace is making his money but if my MySpace friend requests are any indication, he was probably selling memberships to webcam sites.

Aside from that, I’m not quite sure how some of these spammers generate money especially when they decide to bombard inboxes with thousands of messages in a relatively short span of time. While the fight against spam is nowhere near finished, this is one loss for the spammers. Unfortunately, there is no telling whether this will have any impact on future spam prevalence on the most popular social networking site on the web.