MySpace Platform Launching for Users March 13th

The MySpace Platform Developer Team announced today that MySpace Platform apps will be soft launching next Thursday, March 13th!

MySpace apps will now be accessible to users (instead of just developers), though the Apps Gallery will launch in a few weeks. The MySpace Developer Team writes,

You may have noticed some new functionality in “My Apps”: there’s now a “Publish” button for every application you’ve created. If you click “Publish”, the status of that app will change from “Development” (formerly “Test”) to “Pending”. This button lets you tell us that your application is ready to go live to consumers. You should only click this button when you feel your app is finished and ready to be reviewed.

So what does this all mean? We’re getting very close (as in weeks) to opening our beta Apps Gallery to consumers. 🙂  The next date you should be aware of is Thursday, March 13th, when we will be expanding significantly the exposure of approved applications to MySpace members. The sooner you get your app(s) finished and submitted (by clicking “Publish”), the more likely it is to be reviewed and available to users on that date and beyond…

The primary purpose of the review process is to ensure security for MySpace members. We’ll be providing more details on that aspect soon.

Developers who heard the news live today during our Designing Viral Apps panel at GSP West were surprised that MySpace is launching with the OpenSocial 0.6 spec. OpenSocial 0.7 includes authentication and requests, important functionality for application security and growth.

Many Facebook application developers building across platforms are paying close attention to the launch of the MySpace Platform. Developers entering MySpace via the Platform will need to learn from the myriad widget makers who have been on MySpace for years – many of whom will likely also be launching their own applications.

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