Death Of MySpace Parody Video Brings Back Memories Of A Time Before Facebook

Facebook users might not even remember that prior to Facebook (commonly referred to as the “Before Facebook Era” (BFB)) there used to be a free service called MySpace. Yes, the same MySpace that allowed users to customize their themes, listen to music, chat with friends, and other such niceties. MySpace was declared dead some 6 or 7 months ago – and its hard for us to remember what it used to be like. Fortunately, SuperNews has created a video which brings back memories.

The SuperNews video aims to poke fun at the demise of the social network which was so popular at one point in time that Rupert Murdoch shelled $580 million to buy it. Earlier this week we jokingly referred to the death of MySpace My Music, declaring it Dead on Arrival. Enough said! you’ve got to watch the video to understand what I am talking about.

Image via edopter