Myspace Opening Platform; Sort Of

Mike Arrington is “confirming his rumor” that MySpace is opening their platform. The actual launch of the platform is not occuring as orignally reported. As I mentioned last week, the first offering will be a directory of widgets that users can add to their profile. There is a beta period initially and then the full platform will most likely launch in the first quarter of next year.

Honestly, there is not much new here except that the platform isn’t launching this week. Additionally, Myspace is going to be partially restrictive of applications in contrast to Facebook, who appears to have a relatively open door policy. One other new component is that Facebook is going to allow friend grouping features that are similar to Facebook. One other interesting item that was mentioned is that Myspace is going to make $200 to $300 million next year. Not bad! Looks like Facebook isn’t too far behind.