MySpace Music gets official

logodotcom.gifFinally, the much talked about MySpace Music is official. MySpace announced that it finally got the support and cooperation of the top 3 music companies – Universal, Sony BMG and Warner. In what is touted as a landmark venture, MySpace Music is envisioned to be a credible online music solution.

MySpace Music is rolling out in the coming months. What to expect from this biggest deal announced this year? Read on.

In general the new MySpace Music product will integrate MySpace Music home page, artist profile pages and individual member’s home pages. This will provide bands and fans a platform to socialize, network, discover, share and purchase music and merchandise. MySpace Music hopes to empower bands and fans with digital music service, e-commerce platform that will include DRM-free digital music downloads, ad-supported audio and video streaming, mobile storefront and sponsorship solutions.

Specifically for MySpace members and other users, MySpace Music will provide MySpace members with the richest web-based music experience that will enable them to:

  • Discover and download music
  • Richest web-based music experience
  • Music streaming
  • Music content personalization through playlists, purchase opportunities and search functionality

For the artists, MySpace Music will give them a chance to give their fans the opportunity to

  • Download digitally
  • Download mobile ringtones,
  • SMS
  • Artists Wallpapers

In addition, artists will also be able to make their MySpace experience beyond the promotional. MySpace Music will also tap into the world’s largest library of content and offer unique audio and video content.

As of this stage, the newly formed partnership is still on sketchy details. But even when it is launched, already, some industry experts are calling MySpace Music as a possible competitor to Apple’s iTunes and even to the newly launched Amazon mp3 store.