MySpace Music Gets New Leadership to Match New Direction

MySpace Music just “officially” launched earlier this year in September, and it has unsurprisingly become an integral part in MySpace’s overall product map moving forward. To help steer that product map in the right direction is Courtney Holt, the newly appointed President of MySpace Music.

As a former Executive Vice President of Digital Music for the MTV Networks Music and Logo Group, Holt has worked with the music and the web-based aspects of both industries. Specifically, Holt has worked on several initiatives for engaging audiences online and offline–something he’ll likely bring to his new position as the MySpace Music President.

Prior to working at MTV Networks, Holt was the Senior Vice President of New Media, Creative and Strategic Marketing at Interscope, where he also had the opportunity of working with MySpace on a number of projects for artists such as Weezer and Black Eyed Peas.

It’s pretty clear that Holt has an affinity for technology-based solutions regarding music marketing and branding practices, and with MySpace Music having just launched as a highly integrated project for combining aspects of the traditional music industry with online social networking. Holt will begin his position as the President of MySpace Music on January 5, 2009.