MySpace Instant Messenger – MySpace IM

Using MySpace, but it is still not enough? Try to use MySpace instant messenger – it is great software for all MySpace users to chat with MySpace friends and receive different MySpace alerts.

MySpaceIM is really cool and offers functionality that is good add-on for every social network. It is also great benefit for the network users, because it helps not only to build closer relationships between your friends, but also be well informed about latest events in personal profile and in the network itself.

Speaking about functionality of MySpaceIM – it have all the features what have others instant messengers together with MySpace integration – one-click access to MySpace profile, inbox, blog etc. Interface is very intuitive and, I think, there should be no problems to start using it.

There is many personalization options like changing IM profile picture, different IM skins etc. I don’t remember where I read that despite it is MySpace product it looks nice and is well designed. And, actually, it’s true – the MySpaceIM skins that comes together with default installation is really cool. You can see some below.

There is also some imperfections, maybe the biggest is lack of MySpace Instant Messenger for Mac, which is a reason of some swearwords coming from Mac users. And actually I haven’t heard that MyspaceIM for mac is on developing process, looks like developers doesn’t like Mac’s too much, but maybe it is time to switch to Windows? Heard about new Vista? 🙂

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