MySpace IM Integrates With Skype for Free Calls

Some time before Thanksgiving in America, 110 million MySpace users, spread across 20 countries, will be able to make free phone calls thanks to a Skype-enabled version of MySpace IM.The seamless integration means that MySpace users do not need to download any additional software, nor do they even need to be registered on Skype. However, if you are a registered user on both sites, you will be able to transfer profile information.

skype_myspaceNot one to usually share their proprietary technology, the move is a first for the VoIP provider. Until now, they had not allowed their service to be integrated by any third-party application.

The agreement is further proof that MySpace is following Facebook’s open API trend in order to attempt to remain the number one social networking site. With over 200,000 new registrations per day since January, Facebook is applying some serious heat.

The 25 million MySpace users who have installed the instant messaging service will be able to make calls using MySpaceIM without needing to download any additional Skype software or even to sign up for a Skype account

Users making premium Skype calls, which means you are dialing a landline or a cell phone number, will still be charged. This revenue will be split between MySpace and Skype.

MySpacers who set their profile to “private” will not receive Skype calls from people who are not on their friend list. Users may also selectively add individuals to their Skype personal contact list, and any call can be blocked at any time.

Despite 220 million registered users, Skype has come under recent fire for being “overvalued.” Clearly, they are looking for a way to grow their user base and evolve – even if it means giving up a certain level of control over their bread and butter product.