MySpace Hits T-Mobile’s Sidekick

tmobile-myspace.jpgEngadget reports that MySpace Mobile is launching for the T-Mobile Sidekick.

The post said that the software is more than a simple mobile web portal, offering real-time status, profile editing, photo management, and communication with other members “assembled into a decidedly Danger-like user interface.”

This is further evidence that Helio is losing its earlier lock on the MySpace market. Remember that mobile MySpace integration was Helio’s early claim to fame for their handsets.

T-Mobile and Danger (the Sidekick’s manufacturer) are undertaking a multi-week rollout, beginning immediately with availability to all Sidekick 3 and iD users by the end of October, the post said, “so enjoy your last few weeks of productivity while you can.”

T-Mobile, Danger introduce MySpace Mobile for Sidekick [Engadget]