MySpace Gets Its Own Applifier-Style Bar With Game-Promo

With Facebook cross-promotion bars like Applifier and AppStrip having gained traction, the idea is spreading into other social networks.

A newly launched cross-promo bar called Game-Promo for MySpace claims to be use the same click-trading concept: if a player of your app clicks on a game title shown on the bar, you get a credit which entitles you to a click from elsewhere on the network.

The network makes its money from taking a 10 percent commission on outgoing clicks, with the left-over clicks being sold so developers who want to bring in more traffic than they send out.

Cross-promo networks are hardly a new idea on the internet, but they’ve only recently taken off on Facebook. Applifier, the first to launch, appears to have a majority of Facebook’s small developers on its network, while Tapjoy recently bought AppStrip, Applifier’s main competitor.