MySpace Applications Go Live For All

This morning, the MySpace applications went live for all users on the popular social networking site. While applications have always been accessible via, the applications directory is now being promoted via a link at the top of the site. Previously, it appeared as though MySpace was out of room with their links at the top of the site. So how did they fix the problem? Simple, just reduce the font-size of the links! Looks like the user-interface group over at MySpace has a little work to do.

The addition of the “Apps” link at the top of the site should draw more attention to the rapidly growing base of applications and hopefully increase the growth of the more than 2.1 million app installations that have already taken place. MySpace has been extremely slow to roll out new features and viral components as they have been trying to avoid spam that many users suffered when the Facebook platform launched.

Well, at least that’s the excuse they’ve been giving so far. It’s also rumored that MySpace will be adding notifications by the 30th of this month which will hopefully increase the rate of application growth for most developers. As of now there are no viral components and most of the installs on top applications have been driven from external sites.

We will have to wait and see if the new public link to the applications directory will drive a substantial amount of traffic to applications. We will also have to wait on the MySpace platform to become as viral of a platform as Facebook has been so far.