MyCalendar Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

Calendar applications dominate our weekly growth leaderboard, followed by page creation tools.

The calendar application trend takes over the weekly growth leaderboard. Close behind though, page creation tools present tumultuous competition. Read on below for this week’s fastest growing applications, and don’t forget to look over our detailed statistics tool used to compile this countdown!

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. MyCalendar1,050,45910,401,2354,538,576
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,629,57344,046,4103,357,928
3. 60photos2,133,13845,694,1822,868,852
4. BandPage by RootMusic1,908,64630,975,5051,594,425
5. Cupid450,5209,142,3621,224,720
6. MeinKalender600,2336,060,5841,186,773
7. Are YOU Interested?813,97311,336,7441,130,927
8. My Calendar (Chinese)363,6703,823,6831,101,639
9. Words With Friends2,100,4705,251,8871,020,558
10. *Smiles267,9201,224,434985,859
11. Zoo World823,3878,017,691977,956
12. 21 questions1,784,70420,102,285839,328
13. Pages +95,7543,136,367688,870
14. Yahoo!5,870,59319,366,402688,275
15. Profile Banner Welcome125,3062,825,230686,196
16. Static Iframe Tab356,1857,306,813652,071
17. MonCalendrier135,4671,052,040592,508
18. Monster Galaxy708,80310,850,868511,868
19. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab136,1352,125,564497,483
20. Hosted iFrame #368,177589,721489,972


Topping the weekly growth leaderboard in this edition, MyCalendar‘s 4,538,576 increase has it surpassing the competition. The trend in general once again has a strong showing. German alternative MeinKalender takes seventh place with a 1,186,773 growth total.

In China, this version‘s 1,101,639 adds puts it two places behind. For the French, MonCalendrier makes its first appearance as 592,508 people aim to no longer forget the birthdays of their closest friends on the social network – an increase good enough for the 17th spot.

Page Creation

With immense totals, it seems to be the week for page creation tools. Taking a step forward in the countdown, Static HTML: iframe tabs rests just behind the number one contender with its pages built and view total comes in at 3,357,928. For the musicians amongst, BandPage by RootMusic returns with quite a clatter; a 1,594,425 weekly growth total lands it in the fourth spot.

In the second half coming in 13th, Pages + lets us know it is not done yet with a 688,870 comeback total. Profile Banner Welcome is the only tool that decreases in position slipping to 15th compiling a 686,196 total. Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab shares a similar story to Pages + and takes the 16th position with its 652,071 increase.

In the final two places respectively, Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab makes the cut tallying a 497,483 seven day growth total. Hosted iFrame #3 closes us out with a 489,972 finish.

Just For Fun

Though the application acclumates 2,868,852 adds, Friskylab’s creation 60photos is forced out of its top spot and settles for third. A new arrival to countdown, Smiles skyrockets to tenth place; 985,859 social networkers are passing along happy faces to friends and loved ones.

The last remaining question application lets us know it has no intentions of calling it quits; 21 questions advances one spot forward to 12th with a thank you owed to 839,328 adders.


Proving that its success last week wasn’t just a one-off lucky opportunity, the dating apps continue to rise within the countdown. Cupid leads the pack this week taking a four spot leap to fifth collecting 1,224,720 hopeful singles. Also seeing an improvement from last week, Are You Interested is found just a few spots behind persuading 1,130,927 users to add the app.


I would say it is a safe assumption to believe Zynga’s hugely successful Words With Friend will continue down a path of steady increases in the coming weeks. This addicting word building game moves forward to ninth with 1,020,558 players synching their accounts to the social network. Taking a hard drop to 11th, Zoo World sees a 977,956 gamer increase.

Returning after an extended dormant period, 511,868 people on a quest to save the world aid in Monster Galaxy‘s 18th place return.

Facebook Connect

We close this week with Yahoo‘s Facebook Connect total of 688,275; a finish that pushes the search engine to the 14th position.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of this week’s fastest growing applications?