How The Hell Is MyCalendar So Successful?

MyCalendar, the application which apparently updates you about your friends’ birthdays has surprisingly jumped to second on the application leaderboard. The reason we previously haven’t posted about MyCalendar is that the company’s user base is split across two identical applications which each have around 15 million monthly active users now. What is so remarkable about the application? Not much to be honest.

The two applications have attracted millions of users by using an interesting trick to get users to invite their friends. When you go to “Add a Birthday” it is actually a form for inviting your friends to the application, inviting them to post their birthday. What’s funny is that there is absolutely no need for getting updates about an individual’s birthday given that Facebook already has this built in.

The one addition is that you can get receive email alerts from MyCalendar. While useful it’s hardly original. The one social feature of the application is the ability to share your calendar with others. I haven’t tried that out though because I’m afraid it may end up spamming one of my contacts. MyCalendar is interesting in that it’s not anything special from a technical aspect (pretty much any web developer could build it).

The one thing that the application is excellent at is harvesting emails and given that they’ve had close to 30 million users just in the past month, the company must have hundreds of thousands of emails at this point. More than providing actual value, this application would be a spammers paradise. That’s not to suggest that this application is actively spamming users (since I have no idea) but it is most definitely questionable.

With three banner advertisements on each page, the application is far short of spectacular with a serious need of an upgrade. I’m honestly surprised that this application has become so large but it’s currently competing with LivingSocial for the top spot. I have to admit that it’s a bit disappointing to see an application like this perform so well. Have you installed MyCalendar? Have you found it to be useful?