MyBlogLog Sports A Fresher Funky Look

Of course, we all know MyBlogLog right? The Yahoo blog aggregator that works something like Digg in terms of the following/followers features? All has been quiet from MyBlogLog for the past couple of months until now. The site has just introduced a new design primarily its the green theme getting a lighter treatment.

In addition, sectional features of your MyBlogLog dashboard are now designed with rounded corners and some shiny shadows of green. Likewise, if you check on your profile, you will noticed that most recent visitor widget/module has been moved up just below your personal information module. This way, you can immediately check out who has been visiting your profiles.

All the other features of the site were retained more specifically the statistics, settings, widgets, buttons and message members tabs links.

If you’ve also logged out from your MyBlogLog account previously, and you did not set auto-remember password when you logged in, you’ll notice that when you come back to the site, MyBlogLog no displays more straightforward message of MyBlogBlog’s new dictum – discover, broadcast and connect. Featured blogs were also increased into the top 20 featured blogs in your community.

Those are the new features of MyBlogLog and we’re hoping to see more improvements later on. We could only offer our thumbs up to the site for still thriving to improve on their already useful service.