My Mom Is On Facebook

I mentioned it the other day but last night I had a conversation with my mom who is now on Facebook. You know Facebook is gaining traction when my mom and her friends are joining the site. My mom does not fit into the early adopters category nor is she a technology professional. She was simply invited to the site via one of her writing classmates. I had read an interview the other day which stated that Facebook was rapidly becoming one of the normal day-to-day sites that most users went to first thing in the morning. I decided to ask my mom if it was the same case for her and surprisingly she said “Yes!” My mom is rapidly becoming a frequent Facebook user. One of the features that intrigued her most was the newsfeed. She was able to see who I’m adding as friends and what applications my sister is adding. She also was able to see that my cousin was going out for a cup of coffee. This is foreign territory for most people in the older demographic but as Business Week pointed out a couple days ago, that is quickly changing.

People like my mom are not quick to follow new trends and that is a pretty big deal. When you have the baby boomers joining the site, Facebook suddenly becomes a more stable internet property. Unlike the younger generation that is quick to move to new sites and follow new trends, the older crowd is not the same. One question that I have as a result of this new generation joining is will the younger generation leave the site as their parents come on? If my mom is getting news updates about my activities I am more likely to monitor my activities just as I was when my social and professional worlds collided. I suggested the creation of an application where all of my social contacts were provided access to my personal life. This is becoming more of a useful concept as my social, family and professional worlds all collide into one. Who’s going to help out and build the application?