My Current Favorite Android Apps

Earlier Todd wrote about his top ten must have Android apps. I find that one of the best ways I learn about new apps is by people sharing info about the applications they use, so to contribute my answer to the question of what apps a new owner of an Android phone should try, here are my current favorite applications. I am specifically not including in this post the apps that Todd already wrote about as you can learn about them from his post.

Frank’s Current Favorite Android Apps

1. Google Listen: I use this app every day to listen to podcasts as I drive in to work. I particularly like the fact that new podcasts appear automatically at the top of the queue, for example the current NPR Hourly News Summary is the first thing in my listen queue.

2. Gesture Search: I use this app to quickly find and run other applications on my phone. As you write the first letters of the app name on the screen with your finger the app searchs to find items with that letter on your phone and presents them in a list.

3. Handcent SMS: This app presents SMS messages as dialog bubbles much like the text messaging app on the iPhone.

4. Facebook: I use the “official” Android Facebook client to keep in touch with my friends on Facebook throughout the day.

5. Twitter: Unlike Todd, I prefer the “official” Twitter Android app because I find it easy to navigate and presents tweets in a very readable format.

6. Personal Assistant: I use this program to monitor my credit card balances, bank statements, and hotel reward programs. You can also use it to monitor many other online services.

7. Tip Calculator: There are many tip calculators in the Android Market, but I have found this one to be the most useful for me. I like that I can specify what tip percentage I use and whether to roundup the tip and those settings remain every time I start the program. You can also use the program to easily split a tip amongst multiple people.

8. Stopwatch: This is a very simple stopwatch program that I use often when I am grilling.

9. Astro: I am surprised that Google does not include a file manager with Android. If you need to delete files or install apps that you side load on your phone, you will need a file manager, and Astro is the best one that I have used.

10. Custom Car Home: I use the Nexus One car dock, but I found that Android’s Car Home app, which is a menu customized for landscape display, is missing some important features like the ability to keep the screen on and the ability to add your own apps to the menu. Custom Car Home fills the gaps in Car Home.