My App Enters the Directory

bush Countdown ClockFinally! My Bush Countdown Clock that was previously rejected from the application directory has been approved! I needed to make one minor adjustment so that there was a removal page and it was good to go. I had been procrastinating a bit, but now it is finally there. I had previously had a discussion with another developer as to the impact of having your application being approved for the directory. Our hypothesis was that the directory would have little if any impact. Boy were we wrong! The number of users that have added my application has grown 5% in an hour or so. While I don’t know if this trend will continue for very long, this is an encouraging piece of information. Hopefully I’ll have 1 million users by next week! Maybe not but nonetheless it is encouraging. If you would like to count down the minutes until President Bush is out of office, go grab the Bush Countdown Clock application. I will be sure to provide a graph that charts the adoption rate in a couple of days.