Muzui Launches New Social Gaming Site

New social gaming community Muzui just launched last week, allowing users to play games both online or via mobile devices.

Users have the option to play the (free) games either by signing up or simply as a guest. There are no game play limitations based on whether or not users log in, but guests are unable to connect with other players via the social platform, thus defeating the overall purpose of the Muzui site.

Once signed up for Muzui, users have the options to not only play or download free games, but also add and challenge friends, receive rewards, and use the site’s various social systems. Muzui even allows you to connect to your existing Facebook or MSN account, allowing you to more easily invite your friends from said networks and even receive awards from the developers.

The site’s rewards are based on a “coin” system. Win or lose, when you play any of the Muzui games you earn coins as a reward. These coins are meant to act as badges that demonstrate your prowess and experience level playing the available games.

Muzui makes it easy for users to submit their own games and create their own levels for existing games for other users to play. You can currently create levels for existing titles like Space Cowboy and The Shadow using a rudimentary level building tool. Furthermore, the tool is quick and easy to pick up and learn, and makes an excellent asset for any would be level designers out there.

While users cannot earn any money for the games and levels they submit, they are eligible for monthly prizes for participating. Perhaps of greater value for most creators, however, is the satisfaction of having levels used in widely played games, thus offering excellent exposure for young designers.

Unfortunately, the number of games currently on Muzui is rather limited – five. Unless Muzui can make it easier for users to create more games, the lack of games will surely create a problem for the service’s growth.

It will be interesting to see how Muzui fares. The company is playing in a crowded market, but the social elements may help Muzui grow faster than the other established players in the space.