Music WithMe Brings Music Sharing To Android

Ever since I discovered MSN Messenger’s ability to post what song you are playing with Windows Media Player, I have been attracted to the ability to share what music I am playing via instant messaging and social networking. Perhaps the desire to share music comes from wanting to be a disc jockey. Music WithMe is an Android application and service for discovering new music and sharing with others what music you are playing on your phone.

Actually, Music WithMe has two parts, one is sharing and discovery of music, and a second part enables you to wirelessly download music in an iTunes Library to an Android phone. The downloading part of Music WithMe requires the installation of a helper app on your Windows or Mac PC that has your iTunes Library.

The helper app scans your library and uploads a listing of your albums and playlists to the Music WithMe service, which you can browse and select the music to download to your phone. Unfortunately, so far in my limited use of this feature for several hours, I have not been able to download any music to my phone.

The discovery and sharing parts of Music WithMe do work well, with the Discover section of the app populated with album art of songs shared by other users. Album art for shared songs appears on the top half of the screen, which you can tap to see the song name as well as play 30 seconds of the song. Buttons are also available to tweet what you are playing, and there is a button with a direct link to the song in the Amazon MP3 store, from which you can purchase the song.

Sharing options include Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. When you select to share via Twitter, the Twitter app on your phone starts with the name of the song, a shortened link to the song, and hashtag pre-populated. If you want to see what people are sharing on Twitter, search on #shareMWM. The same information posted to Twitter is included in Gmail. Sharing to Facebook is done using the Facebook mobile web site.

Music WithMe is a free app that is available for phones running Android 2.1 and newer, and can be found in the Android Market.