Murdoch’s Daily Loses Jon Ward to HuffPo

The Daily only launched a month ago, but one of its staffers, political journalist Jon Ward, is already jumping ship for The Huffington Post. He’s one of six new hires, along with Yahoo media reporter Michael Calderone.
Ward’s defection is something of a reversal for the News Corp. tablet paper, which raided a number of media outlets to staff up for its February launch. At HuffPo, Ward will be a senior political reporter.
The new hires at HuffPo are the first since it was bought by AOL. Arianna Huffington’s news and aggregation site said it would be adding more staff in the coming weeks as it expands its original reporting staff. (At the same time, though, layoffs are expected soon, at least at AOL.) Others named in this week’s announcement were The New York Times’ Trymaine Lee and the New York Daily News’ Michael McAuliffe.
This is Ward’s third gig in a little over a year. Before joining The Daily, he had been at Tucker Carlson’s site, The Daily Caller, since November 2009. Before that, he was at The Washington Times.