‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Uses The Best Tweets (With The Best Misspellings) In New Ads

The film uses some average tweets to get the message out that this movie is great. For realz.

It’s not the Super Bowl, but if you watched the Golden Globes, you saw some really good commercials. Among them is this gem for Muppets Most Wanted, which pulls some choice tweets to show just how awesome and hotly anticipated the new movie is. Seriously, don’t be so ignrent.

With all of the nonsense tweets clogging up Twitter, it’s only right that someone should use them for something. So why not an excellent marketing campaign for what looks like a pretty darn funny movie? Although Zap2It suspects that the accounts referenced here were created specifically to be used for the ads. But whatevs. You feel like you’ve read these tweets in some way shape or form at some point.

On a much different note, another much more moving ad incorporated some viral video and audio to get its message across. Unless you’re an ogre, Bing’s heroic women brought a tear to your eye. And even if you’re not a huge fan of Jay Leno, this commercial that leads in to Jimmy Fallon’s debut on The Tonight Show on February 17 makes you feel a few things.