Muhammad Trapped in the Closet

Dispatch from the Television Critics Assn. convention in Pasadena:

Trey Parker and Matt Stone took advantage of their few moments of stage time yesterday to kick Comedy Central in the shins again over its yanking of the infamous “Trapped in the Closet” and Muhammad episodes of “South Park.” What caught our attention were some surprisingly honest, then cryptic comments at the end of the article made by Doug Herzog about his decision to keep images of Muhammad off the air.

From the Kimberly Nordyke piece in the Hollywood Reporter:

Comedy Central president Doug Herzog admitted, “It’s tough, but I think I would say we did overreact. . . . Matt and Trey enjoy a fair amount of creative freedom. History might show that we overreacted, and we will live with that.”

He added that the image probably will not be shown on the DVD version either, but “I look forward to the day when we can uncover it.”

It sounds like he’s referring to some censorship time capsule that one glorious day we’ll all kneel around and open up with nervous excitement as we gaze with awe upon the moldy detritus of all our country’s misguided hypocritical embarrassments. (Think the hatch in Lost, only bigger than Missouri.)

Boy, that day can’t come soon enough.