mtvU and Cisco Partner on Mobile

In an unusual sponsorship deal, MTV’s 24-hour college network mtvU and Cisco have set out to engage young consumers through their computers and mobile devices, according to a new MediaPost report. The pair this week began offering students at several universities Web- and mobile-based games developed by fellow students.

“Students at New York University, for example, have their choice of two branded games: RapHappy, which allows hip-hop fans to record, collaborate on, search and listen to raps without software or file uploading; and Casablanca, a text-based party game in which two teams use network-building and intelligence-gathering skills to determine the fate of a virtual city while they mingle in real life.”

This comes as part of mtvU and Cisco’s Digital Incubator program. Now in its second year, the program “encourages students to develop interactive programs with up to $250,000 in grants,” according to the report.

mtvU, Cisco Kick Off College Games Sponsorship [MediaPost]