MTV Puts Music Library on Facebook

-MTV Music Videos Logo-A couple weeks ago I wrote about on Social Times. The service makes MTV’s entire music video library available for the general public. It’s an impressive site and best of all, you can take the videos and embed them anywhere. If you didn’t think mainstream media would ever embrace new media, this will prove you wrong.

I hadn’t even noticed this application until it showed up on my radar for being one of the fastest growing applications on Facebook (as pictured below). I went to check it out and I’m surprised that the application currently has less than 4,000 monthly active users. Then again, the application doesn’t really leverage many of Facebook’s social features.

-MTV Music Videos Application Growth Chart-

While the application doesn’t leverage all Facebook’s social features, there is at least a wall for each video that lets users have a conversation. One thing about this application which was slightly annoying is that the songs are censored to remove curse words. That makes sense though considering you can embed the videos anywhere on the web.

One thing lacking from this application is the ability to post videos to your friends profiles. That would be a pretty amazing feature and would instantly make this a viral application. While they are missing a few features, a pretty slick feature is the application’s playlist. Rather than clicking on each individual video you can add your favorite videos to a playlist and play them in one stream.

This is similar to MySpace music which gives users a custom playlist. The only thing left for this application to add is a link to purchase the song you are listening to and it would be a great MySpace Music substitute. If you’d like to go browse MTV’s library of more than 16,000 music videos, go check out the MTV music videos application.

-MTV Videos Facebook Application, Home Page Screenshot-

-MTV Videos Facebook Application, Video Page Screenshot-