MTV Brings Back Music Videos With

I typically don’t write about general media stuff but this one was hard to resist. I was reading Caroline McCarthy’s article about and went to go check out the site. The site essentially archives all the music videos that have ever been displayed on MTV. I haven’t been able to not find any of the videos that I can remember.

This site is amazing. The best part of the site? They let you embed the music videos anywhere! While there are no advertisements being displayed currently, I’d imagine that the service will soon become ad supported. However the company plans on paying for this, it is genius. MTV is known for not playing music videos anymore, but this service brings back MTV into the music video space in a big way.

While I’m not sure when this site was officially release, it appears to have gone live in the past few days as there is very little traffic data on public traffic tracking sites. There is no doubt in my mind that this site is going to be a massive hit. Go check out and start embedding your favorite music videos! In the Halloween spirit, I’ve embedded a copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video below.