mspot Mobile Movies: What Itch Does it Scratch?


From TechCrunch…

mSpot Launches Web-Based Mobile Movie Streaming Service

Hmm. Let’s see: Watch movies on a mobile phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and others) delivered from a web page for $4.99 each or $9.99 per month to watch four movies a month ($12.95/month for 6 movies and $15.99/month for 8 movies).

mspot Mobile Movies

And, according to mspot’s FAQ only iPhone users can watch movies streamed over WiFi. Users on other platforms can only watch over 3G. There are only 300 movies to select from right now and studios may remove movies from the selection list from time to time. And, since you can’t watch a movie without cell company data coverage, movie watching locations can be limited (not in flight for example).

Is this a service you find intersting? Hmm.