Mplayit Provides Android App Finding Tool: By Why on Facebook with No U.S. Currency Localization?


I complained about the lack of a good tool to find Android apps during my brief T-Mobile G1 ownership in October 2008. And, I restarted my whining after buying a Motorola Droid last month. So, you would think I would be pleased as punch that Mplayit created the Android Arcade to help me and other Android phone users find interesting apps. But, um, why does this tool have to be a Facebook app/page?…

Mplayit Android Arcade:

Fortunately, you do not need to be a Facebook user to access the site, search for Android apps, or read app descriptions. App prices seem to be only be given in UK pounds or Euro dollars with a few provided in Japanese Yen. So, it has a definite non-US flavor although other information is non-country specific.

Android Arcade looks like an interesting approach. But, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on (and it is not a problem with the use of non-US currency price information), it is not quite what I’d like to see and use to help me find Android apps.

Via TechCrunch: Mplayit Launches Android App Directory On Facebook