Moxy: Dapper Shopping Launches Retail App for Women’s Accessories

Moxy allows users to browse and purchase women's accessories from a variety of top brands.

Moxy 2

After the success of Dapper, its men’s fashion app, Dapper Shopping has released a new platform specifically for female shoppers. The app is called Moxy, and its goal is to help shoppers find and purchase women’s accessories from top brands without the need to bounce between multiple apps or websites.

Dapper created Moxy in response to user feedback from Dapper. It turns out, many Dapper shoppers are women, and wanted an app of their own. In Moxy, users browse a selection of accessories across multiple categories, swiping left to dismiss an item, or swiping right to “like” it. The more users engage with the app, the smarter the product recommendations become.

Not just for browsing, the Moxy app also allows users to add products to a single shopping cart and purchase them from within the app. Again, these items can come from multiple brands, but users only need to checkout once.

While the default setting sees users browsing items in all supported categories (handbags, scarves, multiple categories of jewelry, and so on), users can also highlight the specific items they’re looking for, tailoring their recommendations appropriately. A toggle is also available for browsing only items on sale (or under an available deal).

Users can quickly judge and swipe through dozens of items in a single sitting, or take their time, tapping on each item to see additional color options (where available), and general product information and descriptions.

On the Moxy blog, Dapper Shopping commented on the idea behind the app:

We called our app Moxy because we love what it means: courage, determination, and boldness. To us, it means accenting your style not because you need to, but because you want to present your best, boldest self to the world (and because it’s fun). We don’t want to tell our users what to wear — we want to give you the freedom to find accessories that bring out your own individual style and attitude.

Moxy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming soon to Android.