Moving On Over?

Guess what, no one was fired today! Rather should we say that no one at the New York Observer was fired today. Instead longtime editor in chief, Peter Kaplan, has decided to leave his post at the Observer. Though he says it’s to spend more time with his family, rumors are circulating that he’s heading over to Conde Nast to take over the role of executive editor at Conde Nast Traveler. Of course he told WWD it’s because he needed a life.
“Editing a weekly newspaper and a daily Web site is consuming enough so that if you want to think about abstract or new models, it becomes impossible.” Kaplan said. “I made up my mind that I wanted to see if I could squeeze out another act in my career.”
Of course WWD still needed a scoop to interest readers, so they mixed in some idle industry gossip. Some of those juicy bits include the following: Observer owner Jared Kushner maybe looking to get rid of the paper; Kaplan was unhappy with the direction of the paper&#151less long features and more of a push to break news online first&#151and was looking for an out. None of these rumors are verified by Kaplan though.
What we do know is that some editors had their salaries cut by five percent over the last couple of weeks and there have been layoffs in accounting and payroll departments recently, a source confirmed.
If Kaplan is moving from the Observer to Conde Nast Traveler, we’d like to think this is very good news. First it means that jobs are still available in the industry and second, industry veterans are landing on their feet. I say this is a yay for publishing all around!